With bikini season starting in full force, I’m guessing there’s two things you’re doing right now: Inspecting and scrutinizing yourself in the mirror like you’re on a mission or avoiding the mirror altogether. You followed those New Year’s resolutions, and maybe you’ve seen some results in the form of lost pounds or inches, but you just can’t get past the one thing that seems impossible to lose: that dreaded cottage cheese that just LOVES to hang out in your thighs, butt, or stomach and even arms. Listen up, ladies. You DON’T have to hide out in a cover-up this summer because of cellulite. Read on to learn more about what you can do to banish those dimples.

What Is Cellulite, Anyway?

Cellulite is really nothing more than fat underneath the skin that is essentially bumping into tissue, causing a rippled, dimpling appearance of the skin. Cellulite is thought to be caused by a variety of factors like genetics, inactive lifestyle & poor diet, the elasticity, color, and thickness of your skin, and even dehydration.

Is It Permanent?

This is where we’re going to be honest, unlike a lot of skin professionals and dermatologists out there. Yes, cellulite is permanent. But only in the sense that it will always be there, just not necessarily visible. With the right treatments and at-home regimen, cellulite will appear far less pronounced. It’s very similar to painting over a flaw. The flaw will always technically be there, but it’s no longer visible.

What Treatments Actually Work?

The one system we believe in and stand by is the Lumicell Touch. It has infrared and magenta light that energizes the cell to rise to the surface much faster. It also has deep subdermal suction, to really help loosen those stubborn fat pockets. Many machines out there only offer one or the other, and that’s why we really believe in the Lumicell system. It’s a one-stop shop, so to speak.

How Many Sessions Does It Take With Lumicell Touch To Begin Seeing Results?

The Lumicell Touch DOES work and you will see results, particularly after the 5th treatment. As with most skin issues, consistency is key, so we do recommend twice-weekly treatments to see significant improvement. If you can only come in once a week, that’s okay! Results will just take longer  – about 7 to 8 sessions. We recommend our affordable 7-treatment package.

What Is the Session Like – Does It Hurt?

Our clients have found each 30-minute session to be very relaxing. It’s a good time to unwind, as we work on visually eliminating your cellulite. It also helps to reduce inches by tightening the skin! It’s just an amazing treatment & we’re thrilled to offer this service to our clients.

What Can I Do At Home To Treat & Prevent Cellulite?

Make a lifestyle change for the better, which includes the following:

  • Eating healthier (avoid fatty and processed foods as much as possible)
  • Exercising regularly
  • Drinking water! (about half of your body weight in ounces. Example: 70 ounces for a 140-pound woman)

What Does A Lumicell Treatment Package Cover?

Each session covers both sides of the body and is considered per area: back of legs, front of legs or side of legs, stomach, or butt, for example.

What Kinds of Results Are You Seeing?

It all depends on the age of the cellulite – If you’re under 30, you’ll most likely see very quick results: the cellulite will virtually disappear. Older cellulite takes longer, but you’ll still see results! If you consider adding sessions in your butt area, the change will be much more dramatic and lifted.

If your cellulite is bothering you  and it’s totally understandable why it would, given its highly visible nature you can’t lose by treating yourself to a package of anti-cellulite treatments. Why feel subconscious about your body when you work so hard to keep it looking trim and firm? It’s 2015! Take advantage of the great technology available to you by making an appointment. It will be so worth it when you’re out at the beach or pool!