Permanent Make up by Laura McIver is now available at Beautiful Skin by Carmen. For a free consultation, please call Laura at 407-654-2205. Let her know that Carmen from Beautiful Skin by Carmen referred you. I just had my brows done in February 2018 and Laura did my eyeliner about 8 years age. All my clients who have done the Micro-blading wants to get the eyebrows done permanently after seeing mine. I have had the micro-blading done but it only lasts a year for almost the same price. She will come to our place of business to do your Permanent Brows, Eyes or Lip service.

Look at Laura’s portofolio by going to her website:

Lasting Looks has been dedicated to quality and efficiency from its inception, starting with an extended apprenticeship, as opposed to a two or three day course and then practicing on her clients. Constant continuing education provides her clients with the best and latest techniques available in the industry today.

This commitment to quality since 1996 and over 7,000 procedures has led to working with and receiving referrals from physicians. Lasting Looks is based in Orlando, but travels from Ormond Beach to Naples providing the same caliber of service to each and every client.

Let her help begin the journey to a beautiful new you!

Laura K. McIver, FAAM, Board Certified


Great example of before, immediately following and after two months of softening.

This woman has no eyebrows hair. The fine hair strokes give her a brow with a natural appearance.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is This The Same As A Tattoo? Yes, both are permanent. With “permanent makeup,” pigments are lighter and generally need touching up within three to five years. Results will depend on age, skin tone, body chemistry, sun exposure, and exfoliation.

Is It Painful? A topical anesthetic is applied prior to and during each procedure to numb the epidermis. Since Laura works under a doctor’s supervision, we use prescription anesthetics.

Is It Affordable? Considering that “permanent makeup” lasts for three to five years before a “touch up” is needed, it is relatively inexpensive. When comparing the amount most women spend on hair styling, color, perms, and normal maintenance, then “permanent makeup” is quite the bargain.

How Safe Is It? Laura follows strict hygiene and sterilization procedures that conform to OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. Every client is administered an allergy test prior to their procedure.

What Is The Recovery Period? Most clients can return to normal daily activities immediately. Some clients may experience slight swelling or bruising, but this is usually minimal.

What If I Want To Change My Makeup? Normal cosmetics may be applied over your “permanent makeup” for color variety. Since we work with your own natural facial features to enhance them to their fullest, no applied makeup is necessary.