Sculplla is the Latest Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Wrinkle Fighting Facial Offered by Beautiful Skin by Carmen

Are you on the hunt for a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that will help to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles? We have the answer, its Sculplla facial treatment!

Sculplla H2 is the latest anti-aging treatment to hit the market giving “wrinkle-free” results without the need for any injectable fillers, needles, or downtime. Sculplla is a safe, non-injectable, topical treatment performed as a 60-minute facial that stimulates your skin to make its own collagen and repairing compounds. The treatment (which was originally developed in Korea and dubbed “The Korean Face Lifting without Surgery Mask”) creates firmer, tighter, plump, and smoother skin.

So how does it do all of this as a topical treatment, you ask? Well, allow me to explain. Sculplla is applied topically as a facial serum that drives an active ingredient called Poly L Lactic Acid (the same ingredient you’ll find in the dermal filler Sculptra) into the top layer of your skin to plump up wrinkles. The serum includes other anti-aging favorites like caffeine, niacinamide, and EFG peptides. Sculplla treatments can also incorporate a diffusion process to spread it deeper through the surface layers of the skin for more aggressive activation. The treatment starts with a light lactic peel so that the formula can get in direct contact with the skin and start working. Then the mask is applied. While it’s sending the nutrients into your skin and inspiring collagen production to happen, it’s also purifying and cleansing your skin, (a win-win). Topped off with red anti-aging Led light therapy for glowing radiant skin.

Additional benefits of Sculplla are numerous. Unlike filler treatments that work because they inhibit natural functions of the muscles, the Sculplla treatment increases your skin’s own natural collagen production allowing you to actually treat anti-aging at the root source, or cellular level, rather than just doing damage control on aging signs that have already surfaced. Sculplla treatments slow down cellular level damage before it starts. Since this treatment stimulates your body’s own collagen production for long-term benefits, the results of this facial are not only instantly noticeable, but the effects also accumulate with each treatment. Plus, there’s no downtime, except for having to avoid showering or sweating for the following 12 hours. The effects of one Sculplla treatment can last for up to 5 weeks and a series of three treatments (done a week apart) will give results that can last for up to 5 months.

1st time Trial price $150
2nd and after Price is $180
Package of 3 $450