SteriStamp Polishers allows us to provide at-home Therapy to our clients that COMPLIMENTS and ENHANCES our In-Office Treatments!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO ON HOW TO USE STERISTAMP AT HOME & get results of needling with everything needed all in one, no risk of damaging skin & absolutely NO pain!

Each SteriStamp® Polisher Kit contains the following:

  • 1 sterile SteriStamp® Polisher sealed in pouch
  • 1 sterile 3 mL luer type syringe with 14 gauge cannula and luer cap
  • 2 sterile alcohol prep pads for cleaning skin
  • Anti-aging Hydrogel Sheet Mask ($9 value)
  • As microneedle length is only 0.3mm and designed to remain in the stratum corneum, topical anesthetic isn’t necessary.
  • A simple, step by step video here that explains to you how to use the SteriStamp® Polisher.